The New Urban Pole "Mustafa Ben Boulaid" Khenchela


Qualifications and capabilities of the wilaya in the field of tourism and crafts

The hotel industry
Fax Phone categories Company name Number 3 stars Hôtel Al-Mahdi Al-Amin, commune d’Al-Hama 01
/ rated without star Hôtel Al Kahina – Khenchela – 02 01 star Hôtel Dar Diaf – Khenchela – 03
01 star Institution Régionale du Génie Rural S.A.F.A (Chalets) 04 Hotel structure Centre d’Al Raha pour les services sociaux pour les travailleurs des postes – Commune d’Al-Hama 05 Hotel structure Hôtel Al-Mahdi Al-Amin -2- -Khenchela 06 04 stars Hôtel ouajia Youcef 07
Total 07 / / 08
Tourism and Travel Agencies
Accredited Agencies
Number Agency Name Owner’s Name Technical Director Address Phone Number Fax
01 Noor el houda Merdaci Achour Merdaci Achour Zone urbaine, quartier 120 résidences, section 61, groupe immobilier n° 17, Khenchela
02 Ouardette el aouress Takouachet mohammed el ouardi Takouachet mouhammed el ouardi Rue les frères laghrour khenchela
03 El Mahdi tours Kelil Taher Kelil Taher Rue el amir abd el kader khenchela
04 Samir Travels Bedghiyou Sofiane Bedghiyou Sofiane Quartier Al-Saada – Boutique n°16 – Khenchela –
05 Kalas voyage et tourisme Kharbouche Mouhsine En attendant le changement de directeur technique et siège /
06 Nina Travel Loujani Khaled Loujani khaled Coopérative Al-Nahda, Groupe de propriété n° 68, n° 03, Section 87 – Khenchela
07 Hadji travel services Hadji mahmoud Hadji badr eldin quartier kabraoui abd el hafid Commune de Chachar
08 Sahraoui lissiyaha wa El Asfar Sahraoui Ahmed baha Eddin Bougandoura Amira District d’Abdel Hafeez Al-Sufi, Section 67, Groupe de propriété n° 22 – Khenchela / /
Approved Branches
Number Agency Name Owner’s Name Technical Director Address Fax Phone Number
01 Société nationale algérienne du tourisme Agence Khenchela
Société nationale algérienne du tourisme Agence Khenchela
Chitour el ouardi Rue el Amir abd el kader –khenchela-
02 El nadjah travel agency Bouteraa Djawed Nawel nadjet Rue Bougoffa el hachmi –khenchela-
03 Alawali Tourisme et voyage Zrari Mouhammed elsalah Soumettre le dossier de changement de directeur technique Route Istiklal n° : 32 Khenchela
04 Numidia Travel Belhadj Mousstafa Nadhir Soumettre le dossier de changement de directeur technique Route Babar
05 Ithri Voyages Mlakhssou Abd el karim Hantoute kamel Al-Nasr Retail Plot No. 360 – Khenchela –
06 Timgad voyage Mencer elcherif Mencer Abd elwahab Rue Marir Lahcen
07 Houasse Lissiyaha wa alasfar Houasse Hamza Houasse Zakaria En attente du fichier de changement d’emplacement
08 Sahat El Toute Mouhammed ben Djabou Fetah Zahia Cloison 32 pièces, section 133, jeu de propriété n° 288
09 Anouar El Sabah Chrifi Loukmane Ben saada Merouane Quartier 01erNovembre –khenchela- / /
10 Atidal Tourisme et voyage Fatnassy Djamel Bouakba Amina Route Babar Section 75, Collection Royale n°22, deuxième étage – Khenchela – / /
In the field of tourism

We refer to the great generosity that nature has added to the areas of the state, which are characterized by the availability of the peculiarities of distance and proximity at the same time that work to attract the tourist and convince the investor of the availability of basic standards in line with the tourist wealth with which the state abounds, which translates into:

-Scenes and appearances that satisfy the curiosity of spectators.
– Freshwater streams, famous valleys and dams rich in fisheries and sedentary and migratory birds.
– The abundance of fever springs with mineral composition and distinguished therapeutic properties. The region is rich in important archaeological and historical sites and barns.
This is what we find embodied in the following:

The region of Upper Ashm-Aurasia

It includes the regions of Bouhamama – Shelia – Lamasra – Yabous and Tamza… distinguished by the forests of Awlad Yacoub and Bani Melloul, which are a natural area of ecological balance because they contain a variety of breathtaking landscapes with a diversity of livestock and plants and known for the density of its forests formed by (rare Atlantic Cedars, Holm oak, Aleppo pine … etc.).

Its high peaks are distinguished by the rocky spurs that are surmounted by the summit of Mount Shelia (Ras Kulthum, 2328 m altitude).

– Valleys, streams and cool springs .

The region is rich in archaeological evidence and historical situations, which makes it a destination of exploitation in the context of: ecotourism, climate, recreation and sports.

Al-Hama area

It is distinguished by its appropriate location between the plains and the wooded mountain blocks. It is unique in the hydro-mineral urban environments, as it is in the middle of several classified gatherings and sites represented in (Hammam al-Salihin, Hammam al- Kunif, and the archaeological evidence of the priest’s palace) as well as containing beautiful landscapes. Qualify it to be a pole and a tourist destination par excellence. It is exploited in the framework of hydromineral, curative, cultural, scientific and exploratory tourism.

Wadi Al Arab region (Babar, Khairan and Al Walaja)

It is characterized by palm oases lined with vegetable and fruit orchards, in the middle of it is the Arab valley and preceded by the dam of Babar and Tamza, known for its wealth of water and fish, teeming with seasonal and sedentary birds.Streams, on the other hand, is a problem with a pattern of wonderful scenes that mimic the beauty and splendor of nature, which satisfies the curiosity of lovers of hydroclimatic tourism, cultural, scientific and historical exploration.

Chechar area

A diverse area with a variety of views and picturesque aspects distinguished by a panoramic view of each of (Tabardaqa, Al-Amrah, Sayar and Jalal). Show the scenes (hanging houses and Berber villages of the Amazighs) with beautiful engineering designs, a problem for an authentic archaeological heritage. It generates a harmonious marriage between: climatic, recreational, cultural, scientific and historical tourism.