The New Urban Pole "Mustafa Ben Boulaid" Khenchela

Our Wilaya


The wilaya of Khenchela is located in the northeast of Algeria, more precisely in the Aurès region. It is the state n°40 in the Algerian administrative division. It appeared as a state after the division of 1984. It mediates both in the east, the state of Tebessa, in the north the state of Oum El Bouaghi, and in the west, the state of Batna, and in the south the state of Biskra and the state of the valley (Wadi Souf).It is believed that the city derives its name from the name of the daughter of the Berber queen, Dehya, known to the Arabs as the priestess.

The city is about 600 km from the capital, Algiers, with a population of about 384 268 inhabitants and an area of about 9 715 km².

The history of Khenchela goes back to the barbarian origins that developed through the ancient civilizations, as it was regionally the scene of important events and a refuge for the great barbarians – Galis – like Ibadas, and the legendary queen “the priestess”, leaving important fingerprints in the history of Algeria, which the Romans called “Marsule III” (August) in the first century of our time. The importance and the number of antiquities scattered all over the region testify to the vitality of the latter, and to the effective presence of the Romans, who were able to penetrate militarily, notably in : Nevest (Tbessa) and Lambaz, passing through Mascula and Baghai. Yagai and Mascula knew a prosperous and eventful life until the arrival of the Turks, who exercised only a relative domination and control over Khenchela and its surroundings, while the French occupation recorded many riches and resistances until the day he heard the melody of the timeless Torah of November 1st.