The New Urban Pole "Mustafa Ben Boulaid" Khenchela

Our Craftsmanship

In the field of traditional industry
1-Textile industry

The textile industry occupies a prominent position in the wilaya, and the most famous and widespread is the carpet Al-Nammamcha in the two regions: Al-Mahmal, Awlad Rashach and the region of Babar, known for its world-renowned carpets. There are also other textiles such as Hanbal, Al-Qashabeya, Al-Barnos, Al-Daraqa…etc.

The Shawi dress is the first traditional dress that distinguishes the Eurasian woman, and what makes this dress more luxurious is the silver Shawi jewelry.
3- Making of traditional clothing
like the making of Al-Barnos, Al-Zarabi, Al-Hanbal, Al-Qashabiya, but it is practiced in most cases for private use.
4- Traditional jewelry making

Silver is the main material for ornaments in the region, and it is characterized by the symbols that are filled with different colors of glass and depends on many techniques such as granulation and perforation, and its most important products are the forehead, scale, belt, caliphate…etc. The region of Bouhamama is the most famous in this field.

5- Alfa Industryc

Alfa material is used in several products such as mats, utensils, baskets and decorative tools. It is widespread in the steppe regions of the south of the wilaya, but it is in the process of extinction due to the lack of demand and the difficulty of its manufacture.