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Chamber of Handicrafts

Chamber of Handicrafts

Chamber of Handicrafts is the establishment that is committed to defending the public interests of the craft sector, in order to protect and promote this craft.

Its tasks

• Protecting the professional and social interests of craftsmen in cooperation with the concerned public and private bodies, and proposing measures to support and develop the crafts sector and extend a helping hand to craftsmen and handicraft cooperatives.
• Providing craftsmen with advice on issues related to craft techniques, as well as in the field of organization and management in accounting and management.
• Organizing the circulation of modern technologies and distributing the necessary documents for that.
• Guiding craftsmen and giving them advice in choosing the right projects
• Teach them the possibility of obtaining bank loans, facilities and tax privileges granted to various professions
• Determines with the concerned bodies the ethical rules for the practice of professions and ensures their preservation
• Organize and/or ensure apprenticeship, training and improvement of professional competence by setting up information systems for the benefit of youth, families and craftsmen on the possibilities granted in apprenticeship
• Organizes, under the supervision of the authorities in charge of vocational training, professional competency tests that allow determining the level and qualifications of craftsmen.
• It organizes lessons, training and forums to improve training and training on the management of traditional industry enterprises
• Participate in organizing local, regional, national and international exhibitions
• Participates in the promotion of exporting handicraft materials and services
• It encourages integration between the handicraft sector, handicrafts and the economic activities of the country and the public authorities at the regional level

Literal obligations and rights

Each person who fulfills the conditions specified in the applicable legislation and wishes to engage in a craft activity, either individually or organized within a cooperative or contracting for the traditional industry and crafts, must submit an application for registration near the municipality’s interests to the location of his activity according to the conditions specified below.
Fields of practice of traditional industry and crafts,
traditional technical
industry, traditional industry for the production of materials
, traditional industry for services

forms of practice

Settled inside a suitable place,
not as mobile tar, according to the list of permitted activities in the handicraft activities blog
at home, according to the list of permitted activities in the handicraft activities blog

Conditions of practice

The age of the person concerned must be at least 18 years of age
To be eligible
to enjoy civil rights
Proof of ownership or rent a premises for permanent activities