The New Urban Pole "Mustafa Ben Boulaid" Khenchela

Craftsman’s Guide

Who is the craftsman?

A craftsman is any natural person registered in the Handicrafts and Handicrafts Register and who exercises a specific traditional activity.

  • A written request.
  • Documents proving the professional qualifications required.
  • Certificate of residence.
  • Birth certificate.
  • A copy of the title deed or the rent.
  • 4 photos
  • A certified copy of the national identity card.
  • Registration fees

If you wish to cancel and suspend your artisan card for any reason whatsoever, all you need to do is contact the Chamber of Handicrafts with the following documents:

  • The original craftsman and the membership card
  • Authenticated cancellation request form
  • Certificate of tax regularization
  • Pay the depreciation at the level of the postal account of the room

The list of traditional activities is made up of three (03) sectors representing a total of (24) sectors and bearing a specific content numbering for each of them.

Sector 1
Crafts and arts and crafts

Contains eight (08) activity segments (numbered 01 to 08). Classified according to the nature of the raw material used (clay, glass, stones, minerals, wood, wool, copper, leather, etc.) and these eight sectors (52) include activities from the list of activities

Sector 2
Goods production crafts

It contains (09) sectors (numbered from 09 to 17) arranged according to the different existing production activities that can be practiced in a traditional way.

Sector 3
Service crafts

It constitutes 07 activity sectors numbered from 18 to 24, classified according to the nature of the work carried out, the techniques used and the fields of intervention (installers, repairers, services, related to hygiene … etc.). These seven sectors include 81 activities from the list of traditional industry activities.