The New Urban Pole "Mustafa Ben Boulaid" Khenchela

Hammam Essalihine

It is located in the city of Al Hama, which is a tourist-hospital facility about 04 km from the state capital.Respiratory diseases, skin diseases, chronic rheumatism…etc.
It consists of 46 shower rooms, 05 five swimming pools, 02 of them are outside, from the Roman era, 03 for women and 52 rest rooms.Its capacity is 700,000 people per year. What added to the beauty of this archaeological site was its presence in a wooded area with a distinct climate, which attracted many tourists.
In addition to the beautiful archaeological and natural site in which Hammam Al-Salihin is located.
The chemical composition of the water in Hammam Al-Salihin: bicarbonate – chlorine – sulfate – iron – nitrate – magnesium – potassium – sodium.